Feature team primer

Feature teams are an important part of scaling Agile and Scrum to large products. Me and Craig have written extensively about feature teams in our two books.

Till now, the 'best' description about feature teams was probably the Feature Team chapter of the Scaling Lean & Agile book. However, I've gotten some complains about the size as most people didn't want to read 60 pages about feature teams, instead they wanted a summary.

So, for the Practices for Scaling book, me and Craig wrote the Feature Team Primer and put it as an appendix. But... nobody ever read appendixes, so that's not too useful. We decided to publish it publicly, so its available here.

We put it on a new simple site which collects resources about feature teams. This site is at www.featureteams.org

Hope these resources help people in adopting feature teams. If you have any resources that *must be* added to the site, please let me know.

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