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More CppUTest updates

In Bangalore, on my way back to Singapore. It is another late night flight. I hate them and consider the new Bangalore airports to be perhaps one of the least interesting airports in the world. Still an hour before my flight leave, hope I can stay awake.

Last weeks I've been able to do some more development. Worked on some legacy code, refactored it mainly and fixed some broken test (or broke some test that were accidentally passing). Also had some time to work more on the CppUTest memory leak detection part for C. Fixed a couple of interesting bugs that didn't happen until I started working on multiple platforms. Also implemented the realloc, which turned out to the harder than I expected (I expected I would be done in 5 minutes). I think soon we'll be able to do a new release, waiting for James his results on porting to IAR. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Next week working the whole week with Steven and then off to China again coaching some teams there. Looking forward to that, though March is still pretty cold in China :(

Oh well, this blog post kept me awake for 10 more minutes, now I need to find something else to keep me awake.

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