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Presentation at the Scan-Agile conference

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Last week, I was at the Scan-Agile conference in Helsinki. I did a completely new presentation which I called "Journey through product development literature". It was a new style of presentation that only consisted of quotes from different books. I had a lot of fun making and doing the presentation.

I got some requests to list the books I talked about. Here they are:
  • Hackers & Painters - Paul Graham
  • How to Read a Book - Adler, Van Doren
  • Dynamic Manufacturing - Hayes, Wheelwright and Clark
  • Toyota Culture - Liker, Hoseus
  • Just in Time - Ohno
  • 8th Habit - Covey
  • Clean Code - Martin
  • Hard Facts - Pfeffer, Sutton
  • Cross-Functional Teams - Parker
  • Flexible Product Development - Smith
  • Winning with Products - Cooper
  • Product Development Performance - Clark, Fujimoto
  • Revolutionizing Product Development - Clark, Wheelwright
  • Fast Cycle Time - Meyer
  • Designing Team-Based Organizations - Mohrman, Cohen
  • The Discipline of Teams - Kaztenbach, Smith
  • Wisdom of Teams - Katzenbach, Smith
  • Leading Teams - Hackman
  • X-Teams - Ancona, Bresman
  • Reflections on Quality - Crosby
  • Teams at the Top - Katzenbach
  • Leading Self-Directed Teams - Fisher
Not all of the books are recommended reading though :) Some of the really good (and modern) ones are "Leading Teams", "Fast Cycle Time", "Toyota Culture" and "Hard Facts"

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