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New book -> Feature Teams

At the moment, most of my time is spend writing on the new book which I'm writing with Craig Larman. Writing is awfully hard, but I'm learning and Craig is helping me a lot fixing my poor writing skills.

Recently we pre-published one of the chapters on Feature Teams on InfoQ. You can read the whole chapter over there. The rest of the book should be in the store in December, hope we'll make it. We have to :)

This is the link to the InfoQ feature team chapter.

Emergent Design

I just finished the fairly new book from Scott Bain called "Emergent Design". The book was good and I was disappointed. I expected much more, based on the title, but the book basically was just a summary of good agile practices.

I did write a fairly large Amazon review on this one. You can find it here

A good book on Emergent design and architecture is still needed though! Hope someone will write it soon.

Stuff in Singapore

Hmm.. I had posted a pretty large entry 2 weeks ago, but something went wrong and it never got posted. Too bad. Anyways, it was a book recommendation about "Project Managers Bridge to Agility" which, even though there is all this "agile project manager" talk, still a very good book. It's written by Stacia and Michele, two Scrum Trainers.

Since May, I've moved to Singapore and now in Singapore spending most of my writing my new book together with Craig Larman on Scaling Agile and Lean Development. First weeks I got stuck somewhat and didn't make much progress, did a lot of study and tried different forms for the "teams chapter" but now finally I seem to be out of my stuckness and we are making some serious progress. Lets hope we can keep this pace and then it will be in the store in December.

Singapore is a great place to live! It's nice and warm, the food is good and there is a huge variety of people. I'm enjoying my time here a lot. Unfortunately, I'll need to travel a lot again in the end of 2H... China, Japan, Finland, US, HongKong, Sweden are some of the places planned :(

Scrum in Singapore is not yet huge, we're trying to build some community here and also will give another Scrum Master training in August. I hope more people will join that!

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