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Around the world - Too much travel

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Last months I've been away way too much. I'm happy to be back at home (China).

In August I was in Washington in the Agile2007 conference. It was a great conference and had excellent discussions with lots of people. Washington was hard though, exactly 12 hour time difference from Hangzhou.

The week after that, I was in Singapore. I really like Singapore, so multi-cultural and ... warm.

After that I was in Finland, Holland, Portugal, Denmark and Germany. In Denmark I was at JAOO, talking about Scrum@NSN. I also had a change to argue with James Coplien on TDD. For some reason, he doesn't like TDD and tries to convince everyone that it's the most evil thing to do. Personally I think he ought to pair up with an experienced TDD-coach and that will probably give some insights. Though, of course, he disagreed :)

Back in Hangzhou now, though leaving next week to visit Japan. Me and Pete Deemer are going to give the first public CSM in Japan. I'm looking forward to it a lot, though... I don't like the travel.

When is the human race finally going to invent a teleporter.

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