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It's been months since my last blog entry. I should really try to blog more often. Anyways, it's not so stange that I didn't have a chance to blog since so much stuff happened since the last post.

Oki, just a short overview. January I was still living in Finland and enjoying the winter (NOT). February I had a couple visits to Asia (India and China) and then in March we left to New York for a visit and then to Phoenix to the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering, which was absolutely great.

From there, via Beijing and then HongKong to Hangzhou, where I now live. So, I've moved to China :) I lived here already a couple years ago so it's not really unfamiliar. Anyways, after that I visited Portland for the Scrum Gathering (which was great). In June I was most of the time in Europe. Another Scrum Course with Jens in Amsterdam.

Now I'm back. Doing the first Scrum Course in Shanghai pretty soon. Looking forward to that.

Let's hope I can blog more frequently in the future.

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