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Due to spam, I've turned off the trackback option. Really too bad. I tried much ways to fight it in different ways. If you know a hack to b2evolution for turning it off better, please let me know.

More CSM


Monday, Tuesday I had a CSM in Utrecht with Jens. Training with Jens is quite easy since it's easy to agree on who does what. He's flexible and I think, so am I.

We felt the training went better than the one in Helsinki. Still the feedback was slightly less positive. That also got me thinking about culture again. David H always tells me he liked the Dutch culture for being critical and direct. I guess this relates to that.

It reminded me of sitting in an incredibly boring course next to a Chinese person. He fell asleep during the course. When we got the feedback forms, he filled in excellent in all areas.

Cultural differences are so interesting.

CSM Helsinki

I'm still alive. Lots of stuff been happening the last months. Anyways, had a Certified Scrum Master class in Helsinki today and that went reasonably well. It also gave some new ideas to adjust and work on my own material. Thanks to the students for their excellent questions which sometimes confused me (but I'm a confusing person, at least I am always confused by me).

More later. I'll try to blog a little more.

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