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Scrum in 29 minutes

As I wrote earlier, this week I was in the Euromicro SEAA conference. There I gave a tutorial on Agile together with Pekka Abrahamson from VTT, Ko Dooms from Phillips and Jari Still from F-Secure about practical experiences.

Part of the tutorial was just explaining what agile was about, since most of the audience was not familiar with agile development. Pekka introduced the agile manifesto and I had one hour to talk about Scrum. I divided that one hour in 3. The first 15 minutes I gave a very short introduction on Scrum (very fast). The next half an hour we did a 29 minute scrum (new variant of the 59 minute) with as goal to make one flipchart paper about scrum. We split the group in groups of 4 (7 groups) and let them work. The last 15 minutes they presented their flipcharts.

The resulting work was really amazing considering the extremly short introduction they had. Many people said that it was good to think back about the introduction and discuss it together. I've attached some of the photos of the flipcharts that were most interesting.

Origins of Scrum

Roles of Scrum

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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This week I was in Dubrovnik, Croatia on the Euromicro conference. I had a tutorial together with some other people.

More on that later, just some pictures of Cavtat, the place where the conference really was. It was nice weather for 2 days...

Sunset in Cavtat

Restaurant Ivan in Cavtat

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